Natural gas, bio-methane and hydrogen for transport: energy for a sustainable mobility

NGV Italy was founded in 1996 and groups the most important Italian companies operating in the field of alternative fuels for sustainable transport. NGV Italy is the place for dialogue and discussion between the industrial and commercial components of the sector, from supplying to use and maintenance.
It is the instrument of action for joint initiatives in the regulatory, institutional and communication environments, dialoguing with all national and international institutions.
A sustainable mobility has the goal to spread the use of eco-friendly fuels with the least possible environmental impact. Natural gas, bio-methane and hydrogen, alone or in mixtures, can create such conditions already in the short term. In fact these fuels have a positive impact on the environment, are remarkably convenient from the economic point of view and have a great availability of reserves.
These solutions open up a scenario in which biomasses and organic waste in general will be exploited as sources of renewable energy also in transport, concretely contributing to reach the European target of 2020 for the use of share of renewable energy in transport equal to 10%.
NGV Italy has urgent objectives: to create the conditions for a further development of the sector, defining a regulation in step with the times and with the innovations of the sector, able to satisfy the increasingly numerous and demanding users.
The Italian industry of natural gas for transport is the world excellence in this area and has the merit to have contributed to develop projects for a mobility with a lower environmental impact in the private and public transport and in the transport of goods.
The current technological advancements towards highly efficient performances with very low emissions, along with the strategic flexibility in the use of natural gas and / or biogas, liquid or gaseous (also mixed with hydrogen), project our companies in a leading position in the scenario of the sustainable mobility of the future.


Objectives of NGV Italy

  • To preserve and develop the sector of alternative, sustainable fuels for transport, nationally and internationally.
  • To promote the technological capability of the Italian industry in the whole chain of the use of alternative sustainable fuels for road transport, from components to complete vehicles, to engineering and construction of gas filling stations.
  • To provide current or future users with an integrated system and not only with single products.
  • To establish for members a place of exchange and comparison of experiences and information.
  • To constitute for members a window on the national and international industry and a common channel of contact and promotion in the institutions of regulation and law.
  • To promote contacts and cooperation with other associations of the sector, nationally and internationally.

Commitment of NGV Italy for the promotion and diffusion of alternative and sustainable fuels for transport.

NGV Italy is a professional family that:

  • represents the most qualified Italian engineers and manufacturers;
  • participates in the elaboration of national and international regulations;
  • represents a privileged place for the exchange of information and experience;
  • constitutes an authoritative partner for the development of natural gas for transport in Italy.

The Italian industry is leader in the production and development of transport technologies with alternative, sustainable fuels. The big companies of NGV Italy can offer:

  • engines, control systems and fuel systems O.E.M. or after market, complete vehicles specific for the various sustainable fuels;
  • service stations from “micro” to “macro” from the project to the turnkey plant;
  • system studies for the optimal distribution of gas stations on a geographic area;
  • business plans and economic /environmental balances;
  • studies and systems for the local public transport.